Can you use flea collar and topical together


Yes, you can use flea collars and topical treatments together to prevent flea infestations. Many veterinarians may even recommend using the two together for maximum protection. When using these products in combination, be sure to read and follow all label instructions carefully in order to ensure both products are applied correctly and no hazards exist for your pet.

Flea collars provide continuous protection against adult fleas on dogs, cats and other pets for up to 8 months. Most topical flea treatments such as spot-on treatments (applied in-between the shoulder blades of your pet) usually kill adult fleas within 12 hours of application and offer longer lasting protection than a collar depending on the type of product used, typically lasting between 3 or 4 weeks. Spot-on treatments are also effective at killing ticks, while collars do not combat ticks at all.

When it comes to protecting your pet from an infestation, there is no “one size fits all” solution – some animals may require additional steps like treating their living space or gardening areas where they frequent with an insecticide or other pest control solutions as stated on the product labels. Before applying a combination of products modeled for your pet’s weight and size, discuss with your veterinarian seresto collars for puppies if this is suitable option for your four-legged family member; after which proceed accordingly from there by following label instructions closely regarding proper usage rates, site of application, frequency of use and any precautionary warning statements.

Check Your Pet’s Environment

Before you decide to use a flea collar and topical treatments together, it’s important to take a look at your pet’s environment. Fleas thrive in warm, damp climates, so make sure your pet isn’t sleeping near areas where he can get wet or hot. Additionally, check the areas of carpets or furniture that your pet might be using as his den. Be sure to clean up any crumbs or food that may be lying around because these can also attract fleas.

Next, look for possible nesting grounds around your house. Any outdoor furniture such as sheds and sewing piles should be vacuumed regularly to ensure there are no fleas present. Additionally, check under bushes, in flowerbeds and other grassy areas where your pet could come into contact with flea eggs. It would also be wise to spread fertilizer containing permethrin around these places to prevent the growth of fleas in those spots.

Finally, if there seem to be too many fleas on your pet even after vacuum cleaning and treating them with a topical treatment, consider using a natural solution like diatomaceous earth – this is known to remove small insects from the environment without posing any risks for pets or humans.

Use Oral Flea Treatments

Oral flea treatments are one of the most effective ways to treat an infestation. They work quickly and can reach adult fleas, larvae and eggs in a single dose. Oral flea treatments come in either liquid or pill form and they affect the entire body of the flea, which can help achieve better results than topical treatments alone.

The main difference between an oral flea treatment and a topical treatment is that an oral flea treatment targets adults, larvae and eggs throughout the pet’s body, while a topical treatment will only target adults on your pet’s skin. Considering that adult fleas make up about 5% of all fleas in your home, this means that using both an oral and topical treatment together can be even more effective at eliminating an infestation than using them separately.

So yes, it is possible to use both a flea collar/topical as well as an oral flea treatment together. Doing so will give you an additional layer of defense against pesky pests!

Consider Flea Traps or Foggers

When combating fleas, it is important to consider a variety of products to better control the infestation. Along with using a flea collar or topical treatment, consider using flea traps or foggers too.

Flea traps are small devices that attract and collect the adult fleas in the environment, significantly reducing their population. Flea foggers contain insecticides that disperse into the air and settle on surfaces killing fleas and eradicating them from your home.

Because flea collars and topical treatments target only adult fleas on the animal, adding additional methods such as traps and foggers help to further reduce populations and ensure complete elimination. Be sure to use products that are specifically labeled for use on cats or dogs if you have multiple pets in one household.

To conclude

Using flea collar and topical treatments together is one of the best ways to ensure that your pets remain safe and free of dangerous parasites.

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