Types of Bedsheets Material

Types of bedsheets material:

Although the cotton is the most popular choice, it is not the only choice. Here is common bed linen materials,


Cotton sheets are extremely popular for various reasons. Cotton is one of the easiest materials to wash, its breathable that keeps you cool, and cotton gets softer overtime. Also, they are very durable. On cotton fabric stains are washed out without problems. It requires low maintenance. 


The linen is the first type of material used in bedsheets, linen is a textile made from fibres of the flax plant. This type of fibre is very absorbent. While the process of making linen can be very tedious, the results are still worth it, that are made of linen are cherished for brilliant coolness and cleanliness in hot weather. The bedsheets made with linen are so expensive.


Lyocell is made from wood cellulose. Lyocell has been growing in popularity in terms of bedsheets. These include sustainability, hygiene, very durable, its colling factor and comfort it provides.


Silk sheets are perceived by most of the people as the most luxurious option available. Silk sheets are amazingly cool and rich. They are great option for anyone who suffers from allergies throughout the year because they are hypoallergenic. They are usually much more expensive than other types of sheets because they made from fibre produced by silkworms and require more delicate care. However, there are some people who find difficult and slippery to sleep on.


Polyester is usually combined with another fabric to create sheets that are budget friendly, polyester sheets are combined with other fabrics because they are extremely uncomfortable to sleep on by itself. As a material its very stiff and scratchy and is usually used to provide low budget and low-quality bedsheets. However, some retailers offer great quality polyester and cotton blended sheets.

Micro fibre:

Micro fibre is basically polyester that has been woven very finely. Microfibre sheets rarely stain and are very durable. Further more these sheets are less breathable than cotton so they are good for cold weather. Lastly, microfibre is much softer than polyester, which makes it much comfortable to sleep on.

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